Vulnerability Twice Over

My friend and I were having dinner and I was relaying some things that have been going on in my spiritual life and she goes

"Are you going to talk to your spiritual director about it?"

And you know when things hit you, like really hit you, as true and good and not just from that person, but from the Holy Spirit? 

Yeah, that happened, and I groaned a little, and threw my head into my arms. "Now I am." I said.

I shouldn't be afraid of being extremely vulnerable and open with my spiritual director, but some times, I am. Not because he isn't wonderful, because he definitely is, but because I am human.

So today I have spiritual direction and when I looked in the mirror this morning, eyes tired and hair damp, I decided not to put on makeup, which is not something I've been in the habit of doing recently.

So, here is my face, just as it is, and here is my heart, just as it is.

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