To Share a Life.

This weekend, my friend Rebecca visited. She is wonderful, as I've pointed out before. I showed her the city and we ate good food and hung with some good friends and it was a great time.

After she left, I trekked up the stairs to my room, looked around, and sighed.

I love my life. I really, really adore it. I am so blessed by my friends, my job, my classes, all the things in my life.


When Rebecca and I spent the weekend together, sharing my life with her, I realized that I so desire to share my life with someone. I do not n e e d someone, per se. I am really fine and happy and fulfilled in my life.


Sometimes, the Lord asks for time. He asks for waiting and trusting and saying yes, over and over and over.

To share a life with someone would be a great privilege, I think.


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