All that Wine

I take off, one foot in front of the other, hard on the ground,
take one last step,
then I am off, floating, flying, up up up.
I begin to drop
and I know what will catch me
(I do not know what will catch me).
Yet, there is something so free about this falling.

I hit
this body of red that is too wide and vast and deep for me to see the end of.
I hit You
and break the surface.

Suddenly, I am consumed.
Overtaken by this
overtaken by You.

My bones were broken in the shocking impact when my body connected with this Other body.
I cannot swim.
I cannot breathe.
I cannot even see, really.

I can only feel this warm,
all consuming,
becoming one with my blood stream.

"By the mystery of this water and wine."

I hear the words and I catch my breath.

I can breathe again.

"Who humbled himself."

My bones are mended.

"To share in our humanity."

I can see.
I can see.


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