A story about a sweater // Weekends

I woke up on a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago feeling kind of terrible. Not like, sick terrible, but like, had trouble getting out of bed terrible.

So, after I went to mass, I went to Aldi. Then I noticed that there was a thrift store not too far away and I'd had a bag of clothes to donate in my trunk since September. So, I went and I meandered inside. Inside, they were having this sale where all the clothes were 99 cents. So, I started sorting through the generally unorganized clothing, and I found this sweater (the one in the too-dark photo above). It's Calvin Klein and it is nice.

I bought it (and a handful of other things).

I washed it and wore it the other day. It fits me nicely and keeps me warm.

And it was 99 cents.

It's nice that 99 cent sweaters exist on weekends that are tough.

That is all.


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