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I heard a homily once, sitting in a metal folding chair in the auditorium at one of the local schools. It was an all girls school, and I had my camera in my lap. There are only so many pictures you can take of someone giving a homily. I leaned my head against the wall behind me and pulled out my phone, jotting down things from his homily. I was writing notes for the post I would later write up for my job, but I was really writing them for myself.

I think people often underestimate the ability of the male clergy to speak to the heart of a woman. One who accepts their role, and asks the Spirit to lead, have often been able to speak truth that I needed to hear, as a woman, not just as a follower of Jesus. This particular mass was being celebrated at an all girls school. The homilist, our dear, somewhat elderly Archbishop. The pairing of teenage girls with a sort of grandfatherly figure could not have seemed less alike, but there he was, and he had the girls attention, you could tell. He…

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