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Muscle Memory

I found this lotion at Target for $4. I brought it with me to Poland - and now every time I put it on, I am reminded of the wide open spaces of the flat we stayed in, the mornings eating kielbasa, the walking and train rides and the churches.


The seminary has a certain smell in the summer, as I think most big, old buildings do. When it started turning warm, walking through the unairconditioned halls, I was reminded of my first days, when I didn't know anyone and going to cafeteria was nerve racking. I have now walked these halls hundreds of times, smiled at the people who come and go.


The lady I live with starts speaking in Spanish - and she doesn't stop, just keeps going. We sit outside and I listen to the soft rhythm of her words as the warm air blows around us. We sip sticky, thick juice and repeat the words she says. When I was in Nicaragua, we sat out in the chapel as the wind blew and people chattered in Spanish all around. That's where I fell in love with dust a…

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