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summertime should have stuck to me,
the sunshine sunk deep,
down to my roots until i was blooming,
and the cold,
it shouldn't have bothered me.
i smiled so much - i smiled so much.

there is something about saying yes -
yes to that man on the cross,
the one who comes out of the tomb,
the one who walks on water.
the thing is this -
when you say yes,
you have to mean it even when it gets cold.

is it cold.

i hear the words over and over again,
your promise still stands.
i breathe.
the word promise is like those sunflowers,
or the white lilies,
the little flowers that grow around the edges of my heart.
you tend a garden and it blooms.

you tend the garden year-round,
even when it is cold.
especially when it is cold.

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