God's Mercy 7: Through the Door

The Year of Mercy is almost over. My Archdiocese is closing its Door of Mercy on the 6th.

One last reflection on God's mercy. I suppose I could keep going, but I like structures, so I'll end it with the Year of Mercy.

I went to the Door the other night, knowing it would be open before All Saints Day mass. I had planned to go this weekend with some friends, but I cancelled due to weather and feeling a bit under the weather. I ducked over there in between work and class, wearing shorts and a t-shirt because it was 70 degrees (in NOVEMBER).

The way my Archdiocese set it up, there are 8 doors leading up to the Door of Mercy with small reflections on each. They start at the back of our Cathedral and loop around until you get to the Door of Mercy.

When Pope Francis declared the Year of Mercy, I distinctly remember sending a text to my friend with a screenshot of the article I was reading and writing something like "NOOOOOO" or "I hate everything." Mercy and I, we didn't get along. I expected to go insane by the end of this year, having to hear about mercy every day for like, ever.

But instead, I found God's mercy.

I thought the Year of Mercy would just be a time where I felt bad for all of the ways I'm not merciful (trust me, there are a lot).

It took me a little while to figure out that God was holding out His hand, asking me to accept the mercy myself. So I did. I wrapped my fingers tight around the mercy of God and it wasn't really until I got to Poland that I realized what mercy was and what it looks like and why mercy and hope go hand in hand.

And so, I walked through again.

I walked slowly, deliberately, around my Cathedral, in this city which is becoming my home. I walked from door to door, reflecting on the past year and all the mercies that God has rained down on me, over and over and over. His mercy in the form of friends and trips and good doctors and so, so much hope.

And when I got to the Holy Door, I placed my forehead against the wood and took a deep breath. Because Jubilee Years are few and far between and our Door is closing this weekend and there will never be a moment like this again, a moment where 21-almost-22 year old me will stand in front of the Door of Mercy in Detroit, Michigan and breathe in the mercy that was handed to me.

Everything begins with Your mercy, and ends with Your mercy.


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