Things I learned this week 2

  • I kinda miss having the seminarians around to make noise.
  • It's OK to ask people to pray for you.
  • I still, and always will, hate calling people.
  • It's OK to tell someone you're lonely.
  • The time between spiritual direction meetings is often a lot longer if you feel like you totally fudged your last one.
  • Soccer will always be the
  • I have become addicted to coffee more than I would like to admit
  • I have a one track mind and often it is not focused on the right things.
  • Sunshine and warm weather literally change EVERYTHING.
  • I missed having class this week.
  • I'll probably never have a real "spring break" ever again. And that's kind of OK.
  • The song Restless by Audrey Assad is life.


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