Little Things; Little Way

  1. I gave St. Therese a bad rap when I first started reading Story of a Soul. I won't get into it because it's most likely sinful, but, I will say: I just finished reading the book and I won't give her a bad rap anymore. Her language is a little flowery for my taste, but otherwise, I think Therese and I will be good friends from here on out. Sorry for hatin', girl.
  2. On Therese, I am not very small in my mind, and she has helped me to keep recognizing my smallness.
  3. There's this billboard on my drive to work that is for a casino. Now, I wouldn't have a problem with this otherwise, but the thing is placed in the center of a kind of run-down, distressed area of Detroit and it really bothers me. Here is this new, shiny looking billboard talking about doing big things or trying to be inspirational or something like that in the middle of poverty.
  4. I started running again. It warrants a lot of ice and the occasional ibuprofen, but it is worth it. I forgot about how much better I feel when I run. I just hope that my legs stick with me when I start running longer distances. 
  5. I teach Catechism on Tuesdays and I have not felt prepared once in the months I've been doing it. Not sure if this is my problem or the leaderships. Probably both.
  6. My Catechism kids are awesome though. They are really awesome and I wish that we gave them more than we do. More Jesus, more opportunities to encounter him. I wish that I gave them more. This is post for another time.
  7. I have been having dreams about food.I promised myself I wouldn't talk about the way I've been eating, but let me tell you, it has resulted in dreams about food.
  8. This one time I decided fasting from chocolate for a year would be a good idea (this is excluded from previous thought). Well. Only 4 more months.
  9. On that note, I am sick of my addiction to sugar. Like I NEED IT I WANT IT I'M GOING TO DIE WITHOUT IT. Newsflash: I've been just fine without it. The only thing that is dying is my lack of moderation and virtue and discipline. 
  10. I will get off of my food tangent, and say that I am blessed by:
    1. The priests in my life
    2. Asparagus
    3. Grocery shopping
    4. Getting to make choices
    5. Coffee and tea
    6. Getting to work on websites!
    7. Cooking
    8. That the Lord loves me even when (maybe, especially when) I drift off during my prayer time.
    9. Audrey Assad's music


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