God's Mercy 1

In case you haven't noticed, it's the Year of Mercy. Bet you haven't heard anything about it. Bet no retreat you've been to in the past 2 months has had anything to do with mercy. Bet your news feed has not been clogged with article after article, little graphic after little graphic, quote after quote about the Year of Mercy.

But I digress.

I could write a whole post about my...er.. lack of enthusiasm about the Year of Mercy. It's something I need to work on, and clearly, the Lord is calling me to a greater understanding and show of mercy this year.

And so, in the spirit of not being a brat and trying to grow in my appreciation of mercy, I decided I'd write up a couple of posts on God's mercy, specifically as it is manifested in my life.

So. Let's begin.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

God's mercy to me #1:

My Job.

Sometimes, on my drive into work, the sky looks like this:


Less than 8 months ago, I was living in New York, simultaneously feeling called to come back to the Mitten state and freaking out about the fact that I didn't have a job or an idea of a job to go back to in said state.

I applied and interviewed for a couple of different jobs, like nannying and working on a database for a religious order, but God had different plans for me. Any of these jobs would have been pretty good for me, I would have been fine with them. 

But if God is anything with me, He is generous. Which kind of boggles my mind, but whatever. When I saw the posting for the job I have now, I thought to myself "Hey, that's all the things I do now, I could do that!" So, I applied.

And now I work in a place with this in it:

Like what the H

Some times, I spend parts of my lunch break in this chapel. There's mass every day. There's adoration. There are a bunch of great people. The job is fun. I have my own office.

I wake every day not dreading going into work, which is a success in my book.

A great mercy.

Like I said, I really could have gone with a couple different other jobs. But every time I was thinking of accepting something else, it was a gentle nudge that said "Not this one. Not yet." And then God brought me to the seminary I work at, and I laughed with joy at the mercy of such a good, good Father, who knows His daughter so well, and knew just where I needed to be.

- - - - - - - - - - - - 

Other mercies:

  • My car, which gets me to and from work every day, and has made it through the last 6 months very successfully. 
  • The parish by me that has 6:30 mass for the days I need some Jesus in the morning.
  • The Keurig in our office.
  • Getting to dress business casual.


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