God's Mercy 2

I could write a very long, emotional post about all my friends. But I thought I would just stick to one in particular.

K and I met when I was a lowly, awkward 17 year old going to a Matt Maher concert with my youth group. I was totally not into the whole Christian music scene at the time, and I fancied myself a theologian who didn't think highly of Christian music whose real problem was that I had grown up in a Latin mass going family and wasn't used to a different style of worship. I have since (thankfully) grown out of it and attended (and LOVED) three Matt Maher concerts.

K and I didn't officially meet until after the concert in the parking lot of the church, and she asked how I liked the concert.

Me: "Well, it was all right. I don't really like that type of music."

Her: "I don't know if we can be friends."

This was a joke, and I liked her right away. She was an adult volunteer with my youth group and became a mentor for me. K loves Jesus so much, and that has inspired my faith in so many ways. She's just a good, a great, Catholic woman. She's also hilarious, loves Matt Maher and Pope Francis, and dresses better than me, so there's that. 

K and I had a turning point in our relationship when we discovered that we shared a similar wound. It was a total Holy Spirit moment that brought this up in our relationship and the Lord has really used our friendship as a point of encouragement and healing for me.

To see a woman who has fought through something that I am fighting through and be as gracious and kind and in love with the Lord as K is, that has really helped me so much and given me a great example of Catholic womanhood.

God is good, eh?


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