Notes for My Future Roommate

I found out not too long ago that another person would be moving into the other room in the upper half of the house I live in. So. A moment of self reflection:

Dear roommate-to-be,

There's a chair by the bookshelf. If I fell asleep in it while praying the rosary or drinking tea, just leave me. I'll make my way to my own bed eventually. Don't give me a plant to take care of, I'll kill it (but I'll have the best intentions). Sorry if I take a while to shower. Also, sorry if I'm showering really early. Also, sorry if I go to bed really early and you try to talk to me and I'm already asleep.

Basically, I know I sound like an 85 year old women. No shame here. If you're wondering who is making tea and forgot that she put the kettle on, it was me. 

I sing a lot, not thinking. It's not a ghost, just me making a mini-racket. Sometimes I put in my headphones and sing praise music kinda loud. Feel free to join in. If you hear someone yelling at a computer or homework or something else that doesn't deserve to be yelled at, probably me too. Feel free to ignore.

The mug that was left absent mindedly, that's mine. I'll get it. Maybe two days later, but I'll definitely get it.

I don't mind if you come and sit on my floor and talk to me. I don't mind if you want to have a conversation over tea. I'm not always the warmest, but I'm definitely open. So holla at ya girl.



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