Mother // Orphan

Little one,

I give you over to Mary in the mornings. Watch your little feet run around my medium-sized ones. I can't fathom loving someone so much, but dear little one, I already love you more than that. My heart was made big and wide so that I could love you. I was given the eyes of a mother just for you. Little one, who was born without a mother, I was born for you.

I am not ignorant of the struggles and the pains that will undoubtedly come with this, but little, dear one, here I am, praying for a strong man to walk beside me to hold your hands, so that you can't fall without one of us there to catch you.

When I dream of the future, I include you, running around, with a smile on your face. Little one, I have so much hope for you. I only pray that I can be a reason for hope for you.


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