I'm not running.

The title of this post is accurate for multiple reasons. One, it's still too cold to run. Two, I'm still too broke to buy a gym membership. Three, I'm not running from my vocation.

Here's what happened:

My friend: I have a sixth sense for knowing people's vocation.
Me: Ok, what's my vocation?
Friend: You're running from it.

Commence eye-roll (honestly, give me any reason to commence an eye-roll and I will do it for you).

While the statement that I've been running from my vocation may have been true in previous points in my life, I'd like to say it's not true anymore.

This isn't the first time I've run into someone accusing me of "running from my vocation." I think it's typical of people to see young men and women who are single and not moving in one direction or another (toward marriage or religious life/priesthood) and think "WOW THEY MUST BE RUNNING FROm THeiR VOCATION!!!1!1!"

Listen. The first thing you could ask is "Are you praying every day?" To which, if the answer is yes, then the person is probably not running from their vocation. They're just waiting on God, which is something that many saints have exemplified rather heroically. No good vocation has come from accusations (at least, not that I know of). Leave the reminder to not run up to the person's spiritual director, or close, holy friend, or God. And then pray for that person.

Other things to say:

"Hey, have you ever thought about religious life?"
My answer (and probably a lot of people's answer): "Yes, I'm still open to it, I just don't feel called right now!"

And then I won't roll my eyes.


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