My month.

I miss summer. I miss warm air, hot sun, burned shoulders. It's the first day of February and statistically speaking, February has never been my month. I don't think February is really anyone's month, to be honest. The summer-homesickness settles into my bones in February and I am unable to be distracted by the sparkle of holidays and the swift changes of January.

However, this February, I am determined to be hopeful. I am determined to have this February filled to the brim with reasons to smile. This determination is new in itself. Usually by February I have lost all will to do anything but tread water and wait for summer.

Not this year.

Today is the beginning of the month and the sky is blue as can be and the sun is shining like it's summer. The wind bites, but I can wear my scapular again, I have lavender tea and the most comfortable dress.

Everything is going to be great.


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