A Valentine's Day Word Vomit

In light of yesterday's post, I would like to clarify that there was no "pre-valentines day angst" behind it. It was actually a post I started a little bit ago and decided to finish. Valentine's day isn't at the top of my list of favorite holidays, but more often than not, I enjoy the benefits of the cheap candy a coupe days after it happen. Honestly, I can't even remember valentines day from last year.

Love, though, has taken on a new meaning in the past year or so. This shift has taken place, not because of a change in my romantic life, but rather, because I continue to learn what love actually is, how it is manifested in true, pure ways. Even in the last month, I have learned a great deal.

I feel sort of bad for the girls who jump into relationships without first discovering who they are, yet I know the Lord works in His ways, and His ways are definitely not my own.

Anyhow. Back to love. There is a song that I really love called "Pieces" by Bethel Music. The lines that struck me the first time I listened to it were "Your love's not broken / It's not insecure. / Your love's not selfish / Your love is pure" The sorry thing about human love is that it is often hard to come by in this form, especially coming from me. I look a lot at the relationships that I have and my actions in them are often ruled my insecurity, selfishness, and a lack of purity-of-heart. The more that I learn about love, the more I learn how much I kind of suck at love.

Realizing this fault has been good, though, and has provided a good deal of interior (and I would say, exterior) growth.

So what to do? Not too long ago, my spiritual director told me that God wants to help me "love the way you were made to love." And that got me right in the heart. So I pray "Lord, help me to love the way you made me to love." And my Father listens, 'cause He's always been a good one.


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