8 days / A little room to grow.

There was a sun porch - I would sit and watch the wind blow the leaves and the sun flicker in through the windows and drink my tea and pray my Magnificat.

My spiritual director told me once that there were experience that you have in prayer that you don't want to share - that are just for you and the Lord. I didn't understand until now.

I want to keep the little house tucked away on Fr. Carney Drive also tucked away in my heart. When people ask me how the retreat was I say 'Amazing' because that's what it was, yet, my heart stirs in me and I look around and I wonder do people see the garden you planted growing out of my chest?

I keep the words spoken to me close to my heart, I keep the moments at the edge of my mind, just to tun to when I need to see You a little closer.

So - here is a picture from right after my retreat ended, my feet in the Atlantic that lapped up against the shores of little Quincy, Massachusetts.

You are my guarantee, Jesus. You are my promise.


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