Let's share a meal.

Mass is the best part of my day, every day. I love to share meals with people. I love Belle Isle and Detroit. So, on Sunday, a friend, a bro, and me smashed them all together and like 75 people showed up and we had enough food and it was pretty much wonderful and a huge blessing.

Mass <3
The picnic table that saved the day.
We all thought this shelter would be too small. Turns out...PERFECT.
What a way to end the evening.

I jotted down a list of blessing from this day:

I brought these little containers to put flowers in, but I didn't have any flowers, so I threw up a prayer and I found some flowers in the little field next to our shelter
We were a little (lot) low on seating and the shelter next to ours had a really long picnic table they let us borrow.
The weather could. not. have. been. better.
Everyone brought a bunch of food.
Person after person who asked "How can I help?" and some people who just started to do things (mom skills for the win).
Even though I kind of originally planned it to be a young-adulty aged event, families showed up (with babies!) and older priests and it was just a good group.
3 priests, a deacon, and a seminarian server showed up for our little mass in the park. 
One seminarian who had already gone to mass cooked chicken while we prayed, thanks be to God.


All for Jesus. All from Jesus. Praise be Jesus Christ.


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