God's Mercy 6: Friends who encourage

This is my friend Rebecca. Not only is she beautiful as heck, she drives a pretty baller car. Someone date her.


Rebecca and I met in New York. She was a missionary. To quote her: "Naomi thought I was a brat and I thought she was a b****."

Then God, in His great mercy, brought these two broken little kids together and formed a friendship. It all started when my former boss started forcing us to go to lunch together once a week. Then we ended up living in the same place over the summer and both of our cars broke down at different times and we were forced to depend on the other for rides. A lot of important conversations happened during those car rides. And we became friends.

Then I left New York, but we still stay in touch and text and call and visit and send each other selfies of our outfits.

One of the things I love most about Rebecca is that she is an encourager. She loves to dish out encouragements like it's her job.

I'm really good at fronting like I'm confident, and not being actually confident, My girl Rebecca helps me to be really confident. She has a gift, I think, that when she says things, people believe them (that's a good thing to have if you're gonna be a doctor, which she is (just another reason to admire her)). So when Rebecca encourages me, I can believe it. And she encourages me a lot. She never stops encouraging me to follow my dreams, and to be adventurous, and to stand up for who I really. She's super wise, and just an all around awesome friend. I'm really glad our cars broke down last summer.

Rebecca, you are a great mercy in my life.


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