God's Mercy 5: Somewhere to go/Smiling for real

In this picture, I'm smiling for real.

When I left to go to Syracuse in 2013, I cried and cried when my brothers and best friend left me at the old house I was going to be living at. Over the course of the next two years, when I went home for visits, I would cry when I left, every time, tears choking my voice and making my eyes red. I was so homesick.

I was driving back from one of those visits, my last "visit" when I felt God telling me that it was time to go home. When I left Syracuse, I cried and cried during my going away party and during the drive home.

Because in Syracuse, I had built a life and I had built a home. A home of people who loved me and cared for me and I had that in Michigan, but that didn't mean that I wouldn't miss my home in Syracuse.

Recently, I was talking to someone about Hard as Nails, and I told them that they were all like my second family. And that is true.

There is something very freeing about having somewhere to go. Having a home that, no matter how long you've been away or haven't seen the people there, they will welcome you back with hugs and laughs and the Syracuse sun. I love living in Michigan. I love my home here, and I feel very much called to stay here. But when summer comes around and I have free days from work, I still make the drive through Canada because I have a home, a somewhere to go, to be with people I love and talk about love and life and Jesus.

And that, that is a great mercy.


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