I went on retreat, and I spent 4 days in a one mile radius, just you and me (and a good group of contemplatives, but they're contemplatives, so they don't really talk). We walked, we talked, we read together, we ate breakfast and listened to talks together.

You and me.

The place smelled like incense all the time, and there was a cat.

And when I came up in front of you, confronted with who you really are, far away from all of the things that I had chained you to, all the expectations I had placed on myself in your name, you just held out your hand and me, I took it.

And so we walked together, and talked, and read, and smelled the incense.

You and me.

And then I come back, and the office doesn't smell like incense today ( though, some times it does), and there isn't a cat, and my radius is much larger than 1 mile.

But here You are with that laugh smile that you always seem to have on your face when you look at me. Holding out your hand. 

So I take it.


I am so completely overcome by how very Other you are.


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