Creativity & Fridays & First steps

The thing about writing, at least for me, is that I want to feel like I have something to say. And honestly, I haven't felt like I've had much to say recently. Sure, I've got plenty of opinions. I was chatting with my roommate the other night and had to stop myself and say "Sorry, I interrupted you with my opinion."

But to write something of worth. For the words to mean something, to be something readable and new and fresh. How do you do that? When I read a book, I wonder how, in the world of billions and billions of books, this author felt they had something to say. Yet, I think that does speak to something beautiful about each human experience.

So, I suppose I will keep trying to write. Even if I am failing or just word-vomiting my opinions.


Fridays are one of two things. Either they are the fresh look at the weekend ahead or they are the tired culmination of a week. Today is the latter. Some Fridays I wake up ready for the day. Some, I can barely keep myself awake. I'm on the "barely keeping myself awake" track at the moment.

But either way, Fridays are good.

New things are coming up - they are so close I can taste them, and I'm not too good at change. So I grab on to Jesus' hand and I take a deep breath and He looks at me and says "Let's just take this first step." and I nod and say "Ok."


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