This part of the story / Compare & contrast

I imagine that being in your 20's is kind of like the in-between of when you're growing your hair out. My hair is that length now - not short enough to be a statement and not long enough to be nice. Just sort of settling down at my collar bone and it seems like it doesn't want to keep going, but I know it's going to, eventually, get back to the length I had it when I just hit 20, far past my shoulder blades. I decided to cut it that summer, because that's how I handle change...let me chop off my hair.

Anyways. 20's. A friend of mine always says that nobody tells you how much your 20's suck, because you're just all over the place. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm much less all over the place than when I was in high school, but at least I had someone paying for my food when I was in high school.

So this in-between of life that is my 20's, I have been fighting since the night I turned 20, I'm pretty sure. I hate in-betweens. I hate my hair right now and I hate being in my 20's. I don't mean to sound drastic or something, I just want to be truthful. This part of the story is like the part of a book where they're describing the clothes of a character that seriously doesn't matter. Let's move on, please.

Yet there is the knowledge that this part of the story is good and beautiful and moves the story along. When I wake up every morning, pedal through the motions, I am building something in myself that maybe I won't discover for a couple of years, but is worthwhile in and of itself.

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click - thru links bring you into my face
and i
am struck by how i am the opposite of you
and i i i
am reminded how i feel when i meet people like you

not enough.

and it's not your fault, it's not your fault,
it's not even my fault,
the consent to tear you down in my head is.

 i just wanted to say sorry.


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