Some Life Things

First row: Naomi is a church lady, what else is new.
Second row: God has blessed me with the best people.
Last row: The aforementioned concert.

I've been living in the city since September. Have I told you that I love it? I love it. The Churches in the city are incredible. The one nearest to my house had the above display to Our Lady of Guadalupe. The whole place smelled of flowers for weeks. I go there in the morning to pray and sometimes I fall asleep but mostly I sit in wonder at the grandeur of such a church.

Other started. My friends and I spent a Sunday eating brunch while a snowstorm was outside. Christmas was good. I spent New Years in Syracuse.

Life is flowing, in and out, and I am just glad to be present here. I am trying to hold onto the place I am, just tight enough to stay steady, but not tight enough that the Lord couldn't slip it out of my grasp when it is time.

Life is good. Life is good.


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