Above all else.

September is cool and mild in Poland,
the wind touching our faces gently,
the sun causing our eyes to squint.
We walk along a river called the Vistula,
backpacked and wearing jackets.
It is Sunday and every one seems to be out for a stroll.

I think about this time now,
when I am holed up in my office at work,
heater on, trying to fight off the negative temps outside.
The windows are a little drafty up here.
I think about walking along,
happy as ever,
sun shining,
blue skies
on the other side of the ocean.

I smile because it is the same kind of love
that shone the sun along the Vistula that day
and got me to Poland
that woke me up this morning
and grants friends to visit the office in the morning.

Your love shines above all else in all places. Above all else.


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