Things I used to do

When I was younger, 14, 15, I used to write. I used to take pictures all the time. I used to draw and create. I used to read books like they were part of breathing. I used to dream. And then what happened?

I guess I got older, busier, too much to do. I stopped bringing my camera places, I stopped reading so much. I started watching tv, looking at my phone. Easy and quick sources of distraction. Instead of entering in, I started skimming above the surface.

Part of it was good. Part of it was that I needed something to do mindlessly. And part of it was that I forgot how to go there. To go to that place that had ideas, and vision, and so much to say. I forgot how to get to that place that got excited when the light hit people just the right way.

I've grown so much since I was 15. I wouldn't change it for the world, and I certainly wouldn't go back. Not in a million years would I go back. But I wanted to start something again. Something that challenged me to create, to articulate my thoughts, and to show some of the creating I want to do.

So books & writing & photography & new things too. And I'll probably still watch every new episode of Law and Order, just maybe not binge watch all the episodes at once.


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